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On the 9th of September, the Melbourne group got together and headed for the hills of Healesville and Marysville.
It was a cold morning, but the new club coats certainly did the job! A small contingent of members met in Greensborough, whilst we met the rest of the group at Selover's Lookout, Healsville- Photos on the Main page.
A few stops at some lookouts, and then we got to put the cars through their paces through the Black Spur!
The day concluded with lunch at Little Joe, a Pizzeria in Warburton.

Ryno  Rides - The Underdog Champion

Ryno Insurance do a feature each month called " Ryno Rides", showcasing the cars and owners they provide insurance for.
 In August, they featured club secretary Luke Thorneycroft Rover 3500s.

A great story, a beautiful car and great exposure for the Rover marque in Australia.
Read the article here -
For all your Insurance needs call Ryno Insurance 1300 650 670

Breast Cancer Network Australia Fundraiser 

It is with much pleasure, that during the month of August, Rover P5 and P6 Owners Australia with the help of Bowden's Own and Autoglym Australia, who kindly donated prizes successfully raised $750  that was donated to Breast Cancer Network Australia!

Breast Cancer can affect us all at any time, no matter what age, or how healthy we are, it does not discriminate!

Thank you to everyone who donated to such a great cause!

Official Launch Announcement 8/4/18

Ladies and Gentlemen, Rover P5 and P6 Owners its Official, we are up and running!


For all your club news and needs go to:


For all new Members, please sign up, and then fill out application form on Members Only Page- User Tip- Have Car details handy to fill in form and pen handy to write down banking details.
Then enjoy and explore, please keep in mind we are still a work in progress website, and if you experience any difficulty let me know and we will see if we can rectify it.

In an exciting development, we are know the FIRST Rover Club in Australia to our own Live Owners Forum on line!

Please spread the word and get those people out there who are not on Facebook involved


Hope you enjoy!


Luke Thorneycroft
Secretary- Rover P5 & P6 Owners Australia

Organisational Announcement 4/4/18


Dear all members,


Following on from Colin’s Member Announcement on the 27/3, discussing the future direction of the club, that I might add had a very supportive and resounding response,  it is with great pleasure that I announce the following developments:


We are now successfully registered as an Incorporated Association with Consumer Affairs, trading under the name - Rover P5 & P6 Owners Australia Incorporated.

This means we are a legitimate Car Club in our own right and will open the door to setting up a club plate scheme and much more.  


I would ask you to all to join me in congratulating the following people who have put their hands up to lead the club over the next 18 months. They have all dedicated their time for the greater good of promoting the group, the cars and the marque.

The Inaugural Leadership Team


President- Colin Moss
Vice Presidents- Fraser Stark and Hugh Boulter
Secretary- Luke Thorneycroft
Treasurer- David Urquhart
Committee- Conrad Spendlove, Mark Robertson, Michael Fang, Richard Locke

If anyone else within the club would like to put their hands up to assist, please contact Colin or myself to discuss, as we are looking for a Assistant Webmaster and also Assistant Magazine Editor.

In regards to payment of membership, we are currently in the process of establishing a bank account, this should occur at the latest by mid next week.

Lastly, we will officially launch the club website at the end of next week, just ironing a few small bugs! Watch this space!


Luke Thorneycroft
Secretary – Rover P5 & P6 Owners Australia

Member Announcement 27/3/18

As admin of the group, Luke and I have the following announcement in relation to the future structure and operation of our activities, to support and help our fellow Rover P5 & P6 owners in as many ways as possible.

The opportunity to set ourselves up as an Incorporated Association / national club seems too good to pass by at this time of our Facebook Groups evolution, and an excellent dynamic move forward. It’s been proven by how the FB Group has grown and how it is used by the members that social media can really be of such a benefit to just about all of us. Most of our group members are also members of state based Rover Clubs, and this move is only intended to further support and encourage support in all facets of Rovering.

So now is the chance to look at two membership options, Founding Membership & Standard Membership

The Founding Member package will only be offered once, to all current group members as of 31st March…. and will not be repeated. The numbers are not limited, but the time to take up this opportunity IS LIMITED and will run only for the month of April.

Rover P5 & P6 Australia Founding Member Package $50 *


• Founding Member special edition Group Sticker
• Founding Member special edition keyring and cap with discrete but Founding Member branding #
• Founding Member Certificate 
• Plus of course what’s included in standard membership

# Caps and Keyring will be available approximately 60-90 days after closing date when full quantity is established.
# Subsequent renewals will be at the standard membership rate

Rover P5 & P6 Australia Membership $25


-Group Sticker
-Access to on line Drivers Seat Magazine
-Access to special members section of the web page offering more than just the FB Group
-No initial joining fee


So until now, it has been the work of admin (plus a few others offering their valuable skills and time to us for free) for the organisation, funding and co ordination of all merchandise, souvenirs etc and everything that has been done to promote, display and encourage interaction …furthering the enjoyment we all have in our Rovers. Whenever a great idea is put forward, it is either funded by admin or we canvas support (for say Polo shirts) and have to reach a minimum quantity to be able to take the next step in the purchase.

You don’t hear from me often, I usually sit behind the scenes … however we’ve come to a pivotal point in our growth and structure.

The bottom line is, we are unable to move forward with various things, and most specifically launching the web site without some outside assistance. The costs to register the domain, and run the site (without any time or resource costs) is around $250 - $270 per year.

So three simple questions your Admin are posing today for response by comment or PM to either myself or Luke;

Question 1: Do you as FB Group members have faith in your group admin ?

Question 2: Is it fair and right for just our group admin to put up the funds for this?

Question 3: Who is willing to assist Luke and I to take the next leap in the social media world of Rover P5 & P6 ?

Both Luke & I look forward to hearing from you all

Colin Moss
President- Rover P5 & P6 Owners Australia

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