James Dean's Three Thousand Five

March 1970, Rover Three Thousand Five, 47,000 miles.
Original Colour - Tobacco Leaf Repainted Brigade Red - brushed coach enamel
Optional Steering Wheel, ET Headrests

Mostly original in spec...soon going on points.

No real modifications, getting an 8 track with aux lead. Also working towards an electric fan and possibly a header tank.

I bought my P6 in 2013 when i was 20. It was my first car and after a few trips around the Dales and Lake District I started the rebuild.

Originally just a repaint of some panels in the original Tobacco Leaf colour and a clean up.

However, I ended up jumping in at the deep end and before long the engine was out, most of the base unit bare metaled and the colour changed from brown to the Brigade Red and that helped me fall in the love with the Series 1 v8.


My car is now for summer use only and it so nice being able to keep it so clean.

My car was purchased new in 1970 From Colliers of Leamington Spa in Warwickshire receiving its pre delivery inspection 25/2/1970.

I am the 4th owner. Since new it has done around 47000 miles. I have added a few optional extras like ET headrests which i cut in using the mechanisms from a pair of s2 seats.

The optional steering wheel was a must have as i think it lifts the interior dramatically . Other than that my car is pretty much original.

One of the first things i bought for the car was a pair of nos floor carpets. The seats and rest of the interior are pretty much as they came in the car. The originality and condition of the interior is the main reason I was drawn to this car.


The brochure arrived from ebay a couple of week before i bought the car. Since then i have used it as a daily driver over two winters and also rebuilt it a couple more times.

The original paint colour change didn't end well when my paint supplier got the colour wrong and it started reacting in places...hence the full bare metal and coach paint job which i started in May 2016 and completed in August 2018.

A very long process all painted by hand with a mixture of rollering and brushing. Since then i have used it daily through another winter until March this year when I finally found a garage to rent locally and I bought my daily driver.

Now, my car stays dry and i have only washed it once since Easter. The first rebuild was done in a gazebo. I have recently completed a refurb on the front of the base unit, replacing some brake pipes, fitting NOS Ferodo pads. I have also repainted the suspension and reworked the underseal before covering everything in a nice clear wax.

My favourite colour combination is actually Brigade Red with the Buckskin interior just like the brochure. I prefer tan and red interiors and unfortunately after three cars i still haven't owned one...... one day!

I've always liked classic cars, particularly American ones. Lincoln Continentals, Mustangs etc The Rover appealed to me when looking for my first car. Mostly because of the removable panels and of course the 215ci V8....excellent value for money too compared to may other British classic cars.

I always wanted to restore my first car and i have been doing this ever since i bought the car nearly 5 years ago. I'm always cleaning and tinkering with the car. This is my first full year of showing the car so i'm doing as much as i can.

When I can, I drive around the Lake District in it and recently I've been putting some miles in on tours.

Very shortly i will be taking the car to the Rover Factory in Solihull which will be a great experience.

Just been at one of my clubs (Rover P6 Club Uk) Northern events and came home with a first in my class which was a nice surprise.

Lots planned and lots to do. Look forward to following all your progress on the Facebook page.

Many thanks from the UK

James Dean

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